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Casel Sora ‘L Sass G. Angelini mountain hut

This is a pleasant walk. It is possible to follow a circular track that takes you back to your starting point. Along the way, you can have a first taster of a via ferrata (metal walkway). It is also a great first experience for children or beginners (basic climbing safety gear necessary!).


After passing through the centre of Forno, if you take a turning towards Pralongo, but follow straight after the bridge up a steep road (leaving the main road to the right), this road takes you up all the way to the Val Pramper and the Pramperet mountain hut.
When you reach the altitude of 996 m, there is ample parking to leave the car and follow on foot, along a path that will join on to track n°534, taking you to the Sora l’Sass mountain hut.
After about half an hour, on arrival at a wonderful meadow, the landscape offered will reward all efforts. Here it is also possible to find some drinking water.
From this point, the track starts heading uphill and the surroundings gain a typical mountainous appearance. Firs dominate the landscape, together with some Beeches. There are also plenty of Junipers trees, with vitamin-filled berries. Larches become more frequent as we get closer to the mountain hut and in the Autumn, the Larch is a golden jewel. When surrounded by complete silence, one can often be lucky enough to spot a deer or a roe buck.


One last effort is required to complete the last 100 metres, whence the hut appears. However, the hut is a also a good starting point to follow on, on tracks that lead to the Spiz di Mezzodì group. The descent takes track n°534, which forms part of the Anello Zoldano. Initially, it is almost level. In fact, the only changes in gradient result from some rock jumps, equipped with the necessary permanent iron cables. There is no exposure, therefore, with adequate care, one can calmly reach the valley, arriving at the car park along the Val Pramper road.

Time up 1.30/2h

Total time 4/5h

gradient change 600m

The use of a mountain map is recommended
scale 1:25.000 – Sheet 025 – Publisher TABACCO