Things to do in Zoldo

Five tips for things to do in Zoldo during your holidays ...
If you love to immerse yourself in nature, if you want to stay in an authentic and rustic place, if you have always wanted to visit a Dolomitic mountain range and see the spectacular rocks change colour with the light of day, if you love being outdoors, if you love silence and appreciating your surroundings and want a break from the fast-pace of life ...
Well, know that in Zoldo you will have more than 5 things that are not to be missed!

Walks and excursions in Zoldo

The walks and excursions that we suggest in this blog, are only a small part of what is on offer. With a map in hand, it would be a pleasure to recommend one of the thousand possibilities for a good walk. The itineraries are of a diverse range, all depending on what one is after, whether it be relaxed or in the spirit of exploration, in the summer or in the winter, do tell us what adventure you desire, and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

What to see in Zoldo

There are many small museums in the surrounding area, a simple and easy way to discover the history of Zoldo. Fractional churches are hidden treasures that offer an insight into the past of the population who reside here. The authentic villages have very much maintained their original architecture, with pleasant walks, leading from one village to another, with views of an enriched and beautiful landscape.

The surrounding area

It is said, that Italy, from the North to the South, offers stunning and unique sceneries, and Zoldo is no exception. Indeed, this little window of paradise is very well located, during the day one can travel to Venice, or have a tour with the Dolomites Passes, or quite simply immerse oneself into the world of Cortina.
Val di Zoldo is the perfect base for a travelling holiday.

5 things to eat in Zoldo and in the Belluno Dolomites

After having heard deer in love during the autumn, awakened the sense of smell by breathing fresh mountain air, amused the touch by stroking sheep in the hut, it’s now time to satisfy the TASTE! The sight? Feeling gratified after a day in the Dolomites, you will marvel at the lovely starry evening.

Events and festivals in Val di Zoldo

There are many events and shows organised throughout the year in the Valley; the sporting events include the Dolomiti Extreme or the Trans Pelmo mountain runs. The cultural shows are also very present, the most famous being the Music Festival in Fornesighe, there is also a film festival with CineZoldo, or popular folk shows, such as the “Gnaga” in Fornesighe and the “Paaruoi”. The Green Week offers daily activities, with walks through the woods and forests, lectures and tours through educational farms, only available for children.

A bit of Zoldo's History

“And then the people (because the people make history)
When it comes to choosing and going
You find them with their eyes wide open
Because they know well what they are doing”
                                                       (F.De Gregori “La storia”)

Nails were invented in Zoldo, with requests to send them to Venice for the construction of their infrastructure. Furthermore, though ice-cream was not invented in this Valley, Zoldo was pivotal in its expansion on an international platform, and they have now expanded and spread throughout the world.

The Dolomites: UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Dolomites are a mountain range like no other.
High peaks and summits, soaring pinnacles of rock, and luscious green fields….whether one decides to explore on foot, on bikes or in a car, the experience is unparalleled. Indeed, one could imagine finding these dolomitic sceneries in geology books, enhancing the unique opportunity to learn more about the natural history of an area so exceptional, that it was deemed worthy as to be recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009.