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Bosconero mountain hut: warm hospitality and excellent cuisine!

A walk to the Bosconero mountain hut (1457 m) asks little effort and yet provides great rewards.
In Pontesei, (a few Kms before Forno di Zoldo, by the dam) there is a large carpark (825m). From here, one can set off simply with a rucksack on his back!
Taking the track n°490, a track ornamented with Beeches, Nut trees, Pine trees and Firs, one can reach the landslide created by the flood in 1966 that filled the Bosconero Valley.
Once on the other side of the valley, it will not be hard to spot the numerous “aiàl”, old and circular areas where wood was once turned into charcoal, essential for the running of the blast furnaces of the Valley.

On the track, after about one hour and half, one reaches the Casera Bosconero mountain hut. Although the name Bosconero (Blackwood) would suggest a rather dark and gloomy image, but the area actually enjoys plenty of sunlight and offers clear views on the imposing Rocchetta Alta, on the Sasso di Bosconero and the Sfornioi, all wonderful amphitheatres of the Dolomites. These are all peaks that offer interesting climbing routes, tracks and “viaz”, intertwined in the local rock. The Bosconero mountain hut is an excellent starting point to reach all these peaks.

Towards the west, there is a great view on the Valley of Zoldo and the Mount Civetta-Moiazza. The hut itself is small but pretty, and thanks to Monica, who currently runs the place, the hut provides warm and cosy hospitality and great cuisine, particularly if arriving from the Anello Zoldano track (a five-day high route track through the Dolomites of Zoldo).
Following track n°485, you can then come back to the starting point.


Time to ascent 1.30/2h –

gradient change 630 m –

drinking water along the way

Starting/Arrival point: Parks at Pontesei’s dam before arriving to Forno di Zoldo


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